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The purchases on our situated one are subject to the discipline of the D.lgs n.185 of the 22/05/1999, dictated in contract matter at a distance in the cases in which the delivery of the goods it happens to the address of the purchaser, in how much sayings acquire perfect themselves to outside from the premises trade them. The importance of the norm cited substantial in the forecast in head to the purchaser of the recess right.


To who the recess right is applied?


The communitarian norm previews that the recess right will be considered from just one physical person (consumer) that they act for scopes that can consider strangers to the own business activity. The recess right, therefore, cannot be exercised from the legal entities and from the physical persons who act for scopes legacies to a business activity . They remain excluded from the recess right also the purchases carries out you from retailers or subjects that to whichever title they acquire it for the resale


What it consists of ?


The consumer has the rights of recede from the contract within the term of 10 work days from the reception of the goods, giving back the goods / object of the recess to the vendor, which will refund the price of the given back goods. He specifies himself that in the hypotheses of operations to prize (the promotions), in which the purchase of a good he is bound together to an other good that comes sold to a paltry price or quite given, the recess right legitimately will be exercised with the restitution of both assets object of the purchase, being the tie of the accessorized of the good in promotion regarding the first one.


How does the recess right practice?


Before contacting the Service Customers of, it is important to have in hand the following documents and data:


* Invoice/original order (indicates the code, invoice, Customer Code);


* in case of partial recess, beyond to the invoice of purchase, the article/s code a;


* banking coordinates on which to obtain the money bank transfer (Cod. ABI - CAB - Current Account of the registered person of the invoice);


You can contact the Customer Service of the di Laura Sibilla  that will inform you about the procedure to adopt in order contextually to open practical of recess, giving to you the authorization for the restitution of the members.


The continuation of the reassumed procedure is:


Shipment, also by means of mail to the address, of a containing communication underwrite declaration of wanting to exercise the recess right, indicating all the data demands: * just the number of order, invoice and code customer, which products must be recess object (identifying them with the article code), either wise through the banking coordinates.


 How is the shipment carried out of re-enters to


1. After activating the practical of recess it is necessary to insert the original covering containing the goods in an appropriate packaging, in such way to safeguard the coverings it originates them of the products from whichever damaging, written or alteration. di Laura Sibilla reserves the right to refuse the goods reached in the hypothesis of lacked respect the indicated procedure over.


2. To pin on the sent necks, in visible position the number and the year of the order


3. To send the goods at their own expense, to the following address: di Laura Sibilla - Via Martiri di Bologna, 27 – 46047 Porto Mantovano (MN) Italy. It remains that the warehouse of di Laura Sibilla will not accept shipments unprooved of the order number on the packing, that they will be given back to the sender, to its expenses.


Attention: it is advised to use a courier for the shipment or other suitable means to allow the track back to the shipment. It remains meant that di Laura Sibilla. will not proceed to the reimbursement of the goods object of the recess, in case does not receive the relative delivery.


In how much time does the money bank transfer take for the rendered to be carried out?


Within 30 work days you from the receiving goods, di Laura Sibilla  provides to carry out the credit to the customer of the amount correspondent to the value of the goods turning out from the invoice.


In the aforesaid amount shipment expenses are not comprised.


That in compliance with art. the 5, codicil 6, D.lgs n.185 of the 22/05/1999


Warnings di Laura Sibilla. since now we do not accept shipments of members or products that: --> they do not contain packs, accessories and original manualistiche

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