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Wholesale and big Stock

Wholesaler and big stock  is a high fashion wholesaler and exporter of clothing and accessories.


If you are a wholesaler or a rateiler, if you have got a store, or  an a-commerce store and you are interested in buying high fashion italian and foreign brands and you are interested in buying stock, please contact us to obtain the access to our wholesale special price.



Conditions to obtain  the access to our wholesale special prices:


  • Send us your authorization trade and your company certification that attest your company is working in fashion market;


  • Minimum purchase is 4.000 euro (only your first buying can be about 1.000 euro);



Your advantages:



  • Access to our wholesale special prices


  • Access (on demand) to our entire high brand fashion stock available in our warehouse (more than 30.000 clothes and accessories) not visible in our internet store


  • Direct access to our warehouse and showroom (Italy, Mantova) by appointment in fixed days


  • Incentive discount on your increasing purchase volume


  • Possibility to buy very big lots to stock price with very high discount percentage



Please registeryour company now and send your company certification to


FOR INFO CONTACT +393393213755


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