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D R O P  S H I P offer Drop Shipping throughout the world free and without obligations or limits.

But what does it mean to DropShip?

         "DropShip" or "Drop Shipment to" identify a sales system used successfully in America for several years, by which anyone can sell products made from a disposal or more companies without the need of having to buy first.

          With this revolutionary system, the seller can offer for sale, with the channels that they are welcome (sales personal sites, online auctions, eBay, newspaper ads, etc.), and buy products without the gain from the price difference to him confidential (generally comparable to a wholesale price) and the price at which to sell the public objects.

         Once received payments the Company will send the order with the balance including all the reserved price plus shipping costs and the same company is preuccuperà to make direct shipments to customers of the seller.
We are the first in Italy and after having tested, improved and successfully tested on online auction sites with a large group of independent sellers, we are able to offer this service to anyone, both sellers eBay and other auction sites, which simple individuals who wish to round their earnings by offering products personally or by any other form of promotion allowed.

         This system will have virtual shops where you can sell all the products that are on this site, and that increases day by day thanks to trade agreements with major companies who have joined us, without the need to invest capital in expensive warehouses and assets of products, and at the same time you can have gains ranging from 30% to 300%.

   The 1 ° DropShipper Italian high fashion. offer Drop Ship throughout the world free and without obligations or limits.


Born in America several years ago, this system allows millions of people to sell items without the need of having to buy. Thanks to the system of Drop Ship is making available a list of products with prices "special" devoted to Sellers and prices for the public. The seller can then propose items better how and where deemed appropriate and when a sale will send the order the Company, and paid the price confidential Drop Ship together with the cost of shipping selected, and the item sold will be sent directly to the final customer.

The seller, therefore, must not do nothing but deal with the promotion, sale and collection, guadagnado as the difference between the prices at Reserved Drop Ship and prices to the end user.
For more than 10 years in America, Drop Ship, has never landed in Italy probably for the mentality of Producers not "down" to make hundreds of micro daily shipments to end users, which is why, after more than two years of tests and after experiencing a huge success,

the first born Drop Shipper Italian fashion., besides being a place where anyone can buy, is the first structure Drop Shipper high fashion which proposes a system of Drop Ship FREE, advanced and adapted to the market and the needs of Italy, to give everyone the chance entering the business of the future and connected to another program remuneraione additional increase even more gains of its activities.

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indicating in the floor drop ship and in a few seconds you come to be part of this fabulous world


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