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Information in conformity art. 10  Law n. 675/96


The acquired personal data will be used to form part of the di Laura Sibilla, that manages the brand “” also with the electronic means aid and/or automated to you. The bestowal of the data is optional; In  the event that one lacks bestowal, the data and the consent to their communication treatment will involve the impossibility for the company to carry out the demand of order. According to of art. the 13 of L. 675/96, it has the right to approach their own data asking of the correction, integration and, rerunning of the ends, the cancellation or the block.




GUARANTEE SATISFIED OR REFUNDED Legislative Decree N. 185 of the 22/05/99


The customer has the right to give back the goods within 7 days from the rights recess, on condition that the products are in integral and sealed confection. The defective products will have to be signalled  to the Service Customers within the 3 days from the delivery date through shipment of an email to the address











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